Now is the time for a proven business and civic leader.

As a self-made business owner and civic leader, Albert has spent a lifetime advocating for this great city, while empowering others along the way. What Dallas needs is a pro-business, problem-solving, bridge-building Mayor.

Albert is an advocate for people across social and economic lines and a champion for employers, large and small, and all businesses in between.

He believes in Dallas, in its people, in its promise, and most importantly, in the future we can build together.



Albert Black knows the value of hard work, when combined with real opportunity and the power of belief. He will be the mayor who empowers and believes in every neighborhood, every business, and in every person – and in the future we can build together.

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Albert Black’s first call to service came as a young child. Born and raised in the Frazier Courts housing projects, his father was a doorman at the Baker Hotel in downtown Dallas. Every night, his dad would return to their home and tell Albert and his siblings about the city leaders he’d opened doors for that day. He told them that one day, they could be leaders, and in their own way, open doors for others.

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